Is My Art Any Good?

Is my art any good? That question regularly pops into my head and floats around! I’m sure I’m not the only artist who considers this (wow! I managed to actually call myself an artist!)

Anytime someone tells me they like one of my paintings, I decide they are just being polite or don’t know what they’re talking about! I reply by pointing out the work’s faults! Don’t they know I’m a fraud! ‘Imposter Syndrome’ fear of being exposed as a fraud and doubting one’s accomplishments.


Putting aside the usual negative chitter chatter in my mind, it’s tricky to tell where my artwork sits. Exposed to so much online work to compare it to, while trying not to copy other artist’s style. Being authentic but producing pieces other people admire enough to purchase.

How do I know if my work is any good? I clearly doubt other’s opinions and can’t trust mine. I am often surprised by which paintings do well online, pieces I don’t feel are that good! Though to be honest I’m surprised when any work is received well! Though clearly this doesn’t stop me from continuing to paint!

Well I know this self-doubt is normal and common. I have to acknowledge what I have accomplished. I hope to find a place where I can comfortably and confidently present my work to the world with a satisfied smile!

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The Penguin March

Swim over turtles and pelicans and make room for the fairy penguin! The smallest penguins to waddle the earth! Found in Australia and New Zealand!

Penguin, fairy penguin, sea animals, mixed media, painting sea life
Swimming fairy penguin. Mixed media.

I’m happy with this painting and hope to complete many more!

In the new year my aim is to create professional prints to sell on my Website. This shall be one of them.

I am excited to see what other colourful creatures 2019 brings!

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Dream Vision Board

Dream board, vision board,

My head and heart are in a state of burnout!

Life has been full of surprises and challenges. My brain had been in overdrive, while my emotions seem to have hopped onto a roller-coaster.

To help relieve some pressure and sort myself out I have created a ‘dream’ or ‘vision’ board.

This idea is appealing to me at the moment, coming into the new year, it’s a great time to think about and organise my goals and thoughts.

I collected images from magazines and some other bits that will represent what I want to aspire to. Of course one of my goals is to be a successful artist!

Dream board, vision board, being an artist
Images to inspire my creative goals.

Every morning I’m going to take a minute to look at my board as I get ready for the day, to refocus myself on what’s important. I think the board will also be helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed by an issue. I’m not really into meditation but I can use my vision board to keep my thoughts positive.

I’m not going to pray to the board and assume the universe will grant all my dreams! But I will use it to remind me of the steps I need to take to realise my goals.

The board is just a tool to motivate me, along with my artist’s new year resolution  I should be starting 2019 on the right foot.

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New Year Artist Resolution

I’ve written my Artist’s new year resolution’. Following the steps of Marwa Altantawi from Ruined Brush

What a good idea to get the new year off to a productive and positive start!

1. Take steps to build my creative community, reach out and connect with others with similar interests.

2. Work towards an exhibition or getting my work out into real world as opposed to just online world.

But at the same time,

3. Promote my website and build up my social media presence, possibly upload work for sale on my own site

4. Build my mailing list which is pretty much non-existent.

5. Continue to explore mediums and work on my style.

6. Explore intuitive painting, work bigger and looser.

7. Enter art come competitions.

8. Create work for charitable causes.

Some of these items I have made a start on but I have a long way to go.

Lucky I have a whole year! Better get cracking!

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Launching My Website

My website is live! After tinkering around with design. I’ve finally put procrastination aside and bit the bullet!

It’s not a hundred percent polished, there are things I’d like to add including an online shop for my artwork….one step at a time!

My site also has a Blog page. I decided not to link my WordPress blog. It was cheaper and avoided all the technical hurdles if I used the Wix platform for both my website and blog page.

Although I will share some of the content, I wanted to keep my site’s blog simple focusing on the process and promotion of my work. I’ll leave all the juicy details of my insecurities, failings and the rest for WordPress!

I welcome any feedback or ideas for improvements, although it’s live it still needs some work!

With that I announce my website address!!

See what you think!

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When Painting Doesn’t go to Plan!

I’m sure I prattled on in earlier blog posts about the well known concept  ‘practice makes perfect’.

Lately ‘turtles’ have appeared in some of my latest painting works. I nailed my first unplanned one, encouraging me to continue the theme. But now I feel I am struggling, whenever I confidently attempt painting a turtle, some winged and un-turtle like creature appears under my brush! They seem to be  getting progressively worse with each attempt. So much for practice!

I was excited to start my latest piece. I was very pleased with the background I’d prepared. I selected all my favorite colours to create my turtle, the result…. I introduce this stunned green deep-sea creature! It looks more like a bloated flying frog!

A painted turtle gone wrong!

Bat, bird, frog or plane?

I’ve been reading a lot about intuitive painting at the moment, so I put this green creature down to my intuition, not my intention. Somehow on the canvas this fellow needed to appear!

Perhaps I’ll have a break from ‘turtles’ for a while!

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Pelican Painting and More

328EDC71-1DB6-4BF9-BBFB-9EDBFFF0641CThis is some of my latest work uploaded to Redbubble

I’ve been using a lot of blues and greens and continued exploring my ‘water’ theme.

The local pelicans who hang out at our jetty have had an influence on my work. I haven’t mastered painting them yet, but improving!

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