Pelican Painting and More

328EDC71-1DB6-4BF9-BBFB-9EDBFFF0641CThis is some of my latest work uploaded to Redbubble

I’ve been using a lot of blues and greens and continued exploring my ‘water’ theme.

The local pelicans who hang out at our jetty have had an influence on my work. I haven’t mastered painting them yet, but improving!

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Creating my Website and the Rest!

Painting, being an artist

I’ve started creating a website for my art.

I’m using Wix templates. Eventually I’ll connect this blog to the site, once I work out how!

With so many online platforms I do get muddled which site directs traffic where! I started this blog to promote my art, I’ve been building my Pinterest profile to promote my blog, I use Facebook  to promote Redbubble and Bluethumb where my work is available for sale. All platforms cross over. Now if I have a website I have to be careful not to direct my traffic round in circles! The term ‘traffic’ imply there is bumper to bumper of people ‘following’ and ‘liking’ my work; the reality is more like a country road on a Sunday morning!

I have so far avoided opening an Instagram account, for better or worse!

Just incase all these platforms collapse it’s important to have a mailing list, mine Is non-existent at the moment. Funny to think that the good old ’email’ has survived the onslaught of social media platforms.

It is very possible the whole internet world will self implode in the future! Personally I’m not sure how sad I’d be about that!

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Artwork for a Worthy Cause

I’m pretty excited to have one of my artworks selected to help promote the  Stop Adani campaign.

The campaign is fighting to prevent a giant coal mine being built in Queensland, Australia. The coal would be shipped through the Great Barrier Reef, causing all sorts of environmental damage to the area and beyond.

A worthy cause indeed! Also a buzz of encouragement for me!

Selling Artwork on bluethumb

I have been preparing and procrastinating for some time, but I’ve finally set up my bluethumb profile

‘bluethumb’ (spelt in lowercase) is an Australian online gallery. There is a lot of amazing work on there.

As with most galleries they take commission but it is free to upload work. It opens the doors to artists that may find it difficult to exhibit in a traditional bricks and mortar gallery. The site is also great for buyers, presenting work to suit all budgets.

I’m sure as all things it will be a learning opportunity. I will have to do my best to promote my work, to be able to compete with the quantity and quality of other artists.

If I do happen to sell, I’ll have to contend with the packaging and postage side of things. This is a step I joyfully avoid when selling on a ‘print on demand’ site as opposed to a gallery.

I have added ‘another string to my bow’. Let’s hope I don’t get tangled up in knots tying together my bow of artistic achievement!

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Childhood Dreams (Can Still Come True)

It’s funny how life twists and turns and often folds back onto itself!

I recently spotted one of my childhood inspirators in an art supply store. I chickened out last minute to approach him. But it’s not necessary for him to know the role he had in my early creative aspirations. Terry Denton  a children’s book illustrator and author.

Back in the eighties Terry Denton spent some time at my primary school, teaching us how to create story boards and put books together. It was then I decided I wanted to be a children’s book illustrator and author!07CA0681-3302-43CA-AD67-91769E12358F

I excitedly discovered I owned a signed copy of one of Terry’s first books, apparently he knew my parent’s from uni! This made things even more special.

As a child I was always encouraged to write and draw by my family. I’d fill countless note books with my scribbles. So Terry’s visit was very engaging and encouraging to me. He revealed the possibilities of being able to do this as a job.

I brought his visit up with my brother and school friend. They both remember it fondly and both have children of their own that are really into his books. My friend’s daughter recently met him at a book launch! He’s made a come back or perhaps found real success later than I realised. This in itself is encouraging to know he is still publishing and selling work.

So I haven’t become an illustrator or author. Although these days it’s a lot easier to self publish, I have created  a few personalised books for family.

In my twenties I did write and illustrate two stories that were turned into animated dvds for The Victorian College for the Deaf. These dvds were produced as aids for children to learn to sign Auslan. So although I’m not a children’s book writer I feel I can tick off one of my dreams of publishing work and here I am blogging!

I think bumping into Mr Denton as we both stocked up on art materials is a sign to me, to never give up or stop perusing my dreams.

Writing an Artist Bio

Painting, being an artist

The joys of attempting to write an artist bio! It’s goes against my Cancerian brain! It’s so hard not to sound contrived and pretentious. I’m trying to write about my creative thoughts and processes without sounding so unoriginal.

As much as it pains me it seems unavoidable. Every time I inquire about exhibitions, awards or selling online, I am asked for my bio.

I’ve Googled prompt questions to get me going such as ‘what are you trying to achieve with your art?’ Um…..why is this question so tricky to answer? Especially an acceptable answer that doesn’t include  the words ‘I don’t know’ in it! I also don’t want to sound over the top, as if my work may find a cure for the common cold!

There are two types of artists, one’s that love talking about their work and themselves and those that don’t. Probably a result of insecurities all round.

I don’t know what I want to achieve other than fulfilling an urge within myself to create. I’m drawn to colours and pretty pictures, I’m not really trying to convey or explore big issues. My subconscious might have more to say, perhaps I’m unconsciously trying to express something more?

I’m still struggling with actually calling myself an artist. I’m not comfortable with the title and not sure I have the artistic merit, though I Googled the definition of ‘artist’ and apparently I do qualify!

I’ll keep working on it and do my best not to make up too many of the answers! I’d like my work to speak for itself. I’d be delighted if people appreciated it for their own reasons, who cares about my intentions!

How do other artists feel?

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Mixed Media Explorations.

I’ve been painting everyday and exploring through mixed media. I always I knew I loved colour and texture, that is confirmed by what is appearing on my canvas.

Painting, mixed media, collage, bright art
Collage of mixed media work

Themes seem to be flowers and ocean life.

Marine themes have always popped up in my work. I put it down to being a water sign, Cancerian. Funny enough I’ve moved from the inner city to a seaside town!

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