Dealing With Negative Comments

The power of the negative!

Negativity is hard to avoid when putting your art and self out into the world. Often the negativity comes from your own head! But unfortunately sometimes it comes from others.

Recently I have been sharing and promoting my art business online. As an introvert this can be cringe worthy! But to achieve a successful creative business it’s necessary.

I’ve been feeling pretty good. My followers on social media are slowly growing and I receive positive feedback and compliments on my work.

Of course I am always questioning the validity of these compliments…they’re just being nice, humoring me, they’re just saying it because we’re friends, do they really mean it? Is my art any good?

But I can tell you one negative comment undoes all the good ones. Unlike the compliments which wash over me, the negative stabs me in my heart! I’m not so quick to check how valid it is! I skip to why bother? They’re right, I’m crap!

So I woke up to read a comment on one of my social media posts basically saying ‘that a child could paint as well and asking if  I really expected to sell this work!’

It’s hard to understand why people go out of their way to be nasty, why bother following someone if you don’t appreciate their work?

But it’s important not to let this kind of thing get to you. Often the negativity is a reflection of this person’s life. Basically they have the problem not you!

It’s best to ignore comment or respond in a respectable way. Some people enjoy getting bad reactions from others.

You can also easily block the person and move on!

Use the negative comment as blog post topic! I feel better writing about it! It beats having the comment bounce around my head all day!

If someone knocks you down, just get back up, brush yourself off and continue walking your path to creative success! I’m Sure I’ll have the last laugh!




Ticking Off Goals!

It amazes me how opportunities seem to appear before me, when I’m open to the world and doing things with purpose!

As the end of February approaches, I am pleased with how much progress I have made with my artistic journey.

I have already ticked off a few goals from my recent post: New Year Artist Resolution

As well as add some!

Goals Archeived

1. Take steps to build my creative community, reach out and connect with others with similar interests: I have attended workshops at a local studio, learning new skills while meeting others in my community. 

2. Work towards an exhibition or getting my work out into real world as opposed to just online world: I have had one of my paintings in a group exhibition, and  I’m about to enter another painting in an up coming local exhibition.

3. Promote my website and build up my social media presence, possibly upload work for sale on my own site: I have created my Website  with Store, I have opened an Etsy Shop and been more active and consistent on Social media

7. Enter art come competitions: I have just entered my second art competition, still waiting for the results!

8. Create work for charitable causes: The exhibition I participated in was also a silent auction for charity!

I can also add I’ve had business cards printed, created a vision board and gained a home studio!

I still have more work to do! But I can say my motivation and belief in myself is getting stronger. Although I haven’t sold any work yet, its early days and I feel positive.

Bring on March!

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Etsy Shop Reboot!

I am rebooting my Etsy shop BlossomRevival and launching my first series of work.

I opened my Etsy shop about ten years ago. Back then I mainly sold my hand painted silk scarves. I had never heard of SEO or keywords! My product photos were pretty bad! But the online world was smaller then!

My day job took over and I eventually let my shop become dormant.

Fast forward to now and my shop has had a facelift! I am selling my Giclee prints of my paintings.

The theme of this series is ‘water’ and wildlife inspired.

To celebrate launch I’m offering 10% off all art prints!

Just enter code WATERLAUNCH!

The Business of Business Cards!

Business cards

I received my business cards today! I designed them and ordered them online. Just basic and inexpensive.

I hesitated on what to put on them. Giving myself the title of ‘mixed media artist’ was a bold move! But now I guess I am one because a little card says so!

No one will take you seriously unless you do!’

Not sure how much people use cards these days? I know I often flick them into the bin and use the internet instead. But they’re handy to pack with sold items or send out with exhibition pieces.

Most of all they give me a tiny confidence boost and make my artwork more official.

Another relevant saying ‘fake it till you make it!’

I could keep going with witty inspirational quotes! But I’ll stop here!

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Is My Art Any Good?

Is my art any good? That question regularly pops into my head and floats around! I’m sure I’m not the only artist who considers this (wow! I managed to actually call myself an artist!)

Anytime someone tells me they like one of my paintings, I decide they are just being polite or don’t know what they’re talking about! I reply by pointing out the work’s faults! Don’t they know I’m a fraud! ‘Imposter Syndrome’ fear of being exposed as a fraud and doubting one’s accomplishments.


Putting aside the usual negative chitter chatter in my mind, it’s tricky to tell where my artwork sits. Exposed to so much online work to compare it to, while trying not to copy other artist’s style. Being authentic but producing pieces other people admire enough to purchase.

How do I know if my work is any good? I clearly doubt other’s opinions and can’t trust mine. I am often surprised by which paintings do well online, pieces I don’t feel are that good! Though to be honest I’m surprised when any work is received well! Though clearly this doesn’t stop me from continuing to paint!

Well I know this self-doubt is normal and common. I have to acknowledge what I have accomplished. I hope to find a place where I can comfortably and confidently present my work to the world with a satisfied smile!

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The Penguin March

Swim over turtles and pelicans and make room for the fairy penguin! The smallest penguins to waddle the earth! Found in Australia and New Zealand!

Penguin, fairy penguin, sea animals, mixed media, painting sea life
Swimming fairy penguin. Mixed media.

I’m happy with this painting and hope to complete many more!

In the new year my aim is to create professional prints to sell on my Website. This shall be one of them.

I am excited to see what other colourful creatures 2019 brings!

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New Year Artist Resolution

I’ve written my Artist’s new year resolution’. Following the steps of Marwa Altantawi from Ruined Brush

What a good idea to get the new year off to a productive and positive start!

1. Take steps to build my creative community, reach out and connect with others with similar interests.

2. Work towards an exhibition or getting my work out into real world as opposed to just online world.

But at the same time,

3. Promote my website and build up my social media presence, possibly upload work for sale on my own site

4. Build my mailing list which is pretty much non-existent.

5. Continue to explore mediums and work on my style.

6. Explore intuitive painting, work bigger and looser.

7. Enter art come competitions.

8. Create work for charitable causes.

Some of these items I have made a start on but I have a long way to go.

Lucky I have a whole year! Better get cracking!

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To see what I’ve archeived so far for 2019 check out my post: