The Business of Business Cards!

Business cards

I received my business cards today! I designed them and ordered them online. Just basic and inexpensive.

I hesitated on what to put on them. Giving myself the title of ‘mixed media artist’ was a bold move! But now I guess I am one because a little card says so!

No one will take you seriously unless you do!’

Not sure how much people use cards these days? I know I often flick them into the bin and use the internet instead. But they’re handy to pack with sold items or send out with exhibition pieces.

Most of all they give me a tiny confidence boost and make my artwork more official.

Another relevant saying ‘fake it till you make it!’

I could keep going with witty inspirational quotes! But I’ll stop here!

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Is My Art Any Good?

Is my art any good? That question regularly pops into my head and floats around! I’m sure I’m not the only artist who considers this (wow! I managed to actually call myself an artist!)

Anytime someone tells me they like one of my paintings, I decide they are just being polite or don’t know what they’re talking about! I reply by pointing out the work’s faults! Don’t they know I’m a fraud! ‘Imposter Syndrome’ fear of being exposed as a fraud and doubting one’s accomplishments.


Putting aside the usual negative chitter chatter in my mind, it’s tricky to tell where my artwork sits. Exposed to so much online work to compare it to, while trying not to copy other artist’s style. Being authentic but producing pieces other people admire enough to purchase.

How do I know if my work is any good? I clearly doubt other’s opinions and can’t trust mine. I am often surprised by which paintings do well online, pieces I don’t feel are that good! Though to be honest I’m surprised when any work is received well! Though clearly this doesn’t stop me from continuing to paint!

Well I know this self-doubt is normal and common. I have to acknowledge what I have accomplished. I hope to find a place where I can comfortably and confidently present my work to the world with a satisfied smile!

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The Penguin March

Swim over turtles and pelicans and make room for the fairy penguin! The smallest penguins to waddle the earth! Found in Australia and New Zealand!

Penguin, fairy penguin, sea animals, mixed media, painting sea life
Swimming fairy penguin. Mixed media.

I’m happy with this painting and hope to complete many more!

In the new year my aim is to create professional prints to sell on my Website. This shall be one of them.

I am excited to see what other colourful creatures 2019 brings!

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When Painting Doesn’t go to Plan!

I’m sure I prattled on in earlier blog posts about the well known concept  ‘practice makes perfect’.

Lately ‘turtles’ have appeared in some of my latest painting works. I nailed my first unplanned one, encouraging me to continue the theme. But now I feel I am struggling, whenever I confidently attempt painting a turtle, some winged and un-turtle like creature appears under my brush! They seem to be  getting progressively worse with each attempt. So much for practice!

I was excited to start my latest piece. I was very pleased with the background I’d prepared. I selected all my favorite colours to create my turtle, the result…. I introduce this stunned green deep-sea creature! It looks more like a bloated flying frog!

A painted turtle gone wrong!

Bat, bird, frog or plane?

I’ve been reading a lot about intuitive painting at the moment, so I put this green creature down to my intuition, not my intention. Somehow on the canvas this fellow needed to appear!

Perhaps I’ll have a break from ‘turtles’ for a while!

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Mixed Media Explorations.

I’ve been painting everyday and exploring through mixed media. I always I knew I loved colour and texture, that is confirmed by what is appearing on my canvas.

Painting, mixed media, collage, bright art
Collage of mixed media work

Themes seem to be flowers and ocean life.

Marine themes have always popped up in my work. I put it down to being a water sign, Cancerian. Funny enough I’ve moved from the inner city to a seaside town!

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Let There Be Light

Art inspiration, care bears

Sometimes my creative inspiration feels like I’m trying to find a light switch in the dark. Fumbling around, knowing it’s there and trying to turn it on.

But less than sometimes I feel like a Care Bear! My creative ideas stream out of me like a rainbow from my stomach! My hands and all material things around me can’t keep up! I’m feeling like that now. Unfortunately it is usually short-lived but relatively productive even so.

Art inspiration, creative energy,
Filled with creative energy