Dream Vision Board

Dream board, vision board,

My head and heart are in a state of burnout!

Life has been full of surprises and challenges. My brain had been in overdrive, while my emotions seem to have hopped onto a roller-coaster.

To help relieve some pressure and sort myself out I have created a ‘dream’ or ‘vision’ board.

This idea is appealing to me at the moment, coming into the new year, it’s a great time to think about and organise my goals and thoughts.

I collected images from magazines and some other bits that will represent what I want to aspire to. Of course one of my goals is to be a successful artist!

Dream board, vision board, being an artist
Images to inspire my creative goals.

Every morning I’m going to take a minute to look at my board as I get ready for the day, to refocus myself on what’s important. I think the board will also be helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed by an issue. I’m not really into meditation but I can use my vision board to keep my thoughts positive.

I’m not going to pray to the board and assume the universe will grant all my dreams! But I will use it to remind me of the steps I need to take to realise my goals.

The board is just a tool to motivate me, along with my artist’s new year resolution  I should be starting 2019 on the right foot.

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Swimming for my Style

I’m happy with my latest piece of art work. In fact it’s the first I’ve felt positive about for a while. It represents what I hoped, that practise makes perfect, the more I paint the better I’ll get, messing around with mediums gives birth to unpressured creativity. No forced outcome.

Swimming Turtles, mixed media, ocean waves, collage, watercolour

Swimming Turtles  

Years ago I studied ‘visual arts’. It was an amazing two year course, in which I would spend everyday, all day creating, drawing, painting and designing. All under the guidance of experienced teachers. I had the time, space and permission to go for it! The circle of life has brought me back to a similar situation, I just have to give myself permission. So… I’ve been experimenting with some new art materials I’ve bought. My aim is to play around, enjoy the creative process and see if I find my mojo again! I spend too much time thinking about what I could and should do. I also think I’ve been spending too much time on pinterest! I admire and gain inspiration from other people’s work. Though I find my admiration soon turns to envy and my inspiration turns to frustration! I try to mimic others only to feel disappointed with the result. I decide that it’s the fault of my materials! I go out and buy better quality paper or paints!

I began painting watercolour circles. I love colour and I love watching it blend together. My next step was to embellish the circles with hand drawn designs. I painted a background with gesso and gouache. I cut out my circles (which remind me of sliced gem stones) and arranged some on the page. I decided to turn the shapes into turtles.

Watercolour, mixed media, collage
Watercolour circle designs

Anyway I am happy with the colours and design, I am happy the image came about from exploration and wasn’t preplanned. I feel I’m finding my place with the materials. Hopefully I will keep developing these ideas.

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