Launching My Website

My website is live! After tinkering around with design. I’ve finally put procrastination aside and bit the bullet!

It’s not a hundred percent polished, there are things I’d like to add including an online shop for my artwork….one step at a time!

My site also has a Blog page. I decided not to link my WordPress blog. It was cheaper and avoided all the technical hurdles if I used the Wix platform for both my website and blog page.

Although I will share some of the content, I wanted to keep my site’s blog simple focusing on the process and promotion of my work. I’ll leave all the juicy details of my insecurities, failings and the rest for WordPress!

I welcome any feedback or ideas for improvements, although it’s live it still needs some work!

With that I announce my website address!!

See what you think!

Please join my mailing list to see what’s next!


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