When Painting Doesn’t go to Plan!

I’m sure I prattled on in earlier blog posts about the well known concept  ‘practice makes perfect’.

Lately ‘turtles’ have appeared in some of my latest painting works. I nailed my first unplanned one, encouraging me to continue the theme. But now I feel I am struggling, whenever I confidently attempt painting a turtle, some winged and un-turtle like creature appears under my brush! They seem to be  getting progressively worse with each attempt. So much for practice!

I was excited to start my latest piece. I was very pleased with the background I’d prepared. I selected all my favorite colours to create my turtle, the result…. I introduce this stunned green deep-sea creature! It looks more like a bloated flying frog!

A painted turtle gone wrong!

Bat, bird, frog or plane?

I’ve been reading a lot about intuitive painting at the moment, so I put this green creature down to my intuition, not my intention. Somehow on the canvas this fellow needed to appear!

Perhaps I’ll have a break from ‘turtles’ for a while!

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